The Best Tools For Finding Amazing Colour Palettes

Creating a kickass lettering design is the first step, however finding the colours to make it completely pop is just as important!

Here are 3 of my favourite free tools for finding some delicious colour schemes and palettes.


coolors website screenshot is one of the slickest colour palette generators I've used. It's been featured by the likes of Smashing Magazine, Shopify, Wired, and many more, and has some functionality that sets it apart.

Here's how it works: you start the generator, press your spacebar to shuffle colour palette, and 'lock' colours you like. And that's it! As you lock more colours the generated colours remaining are styled to match what you've already chosen, so you're guaranteed an amazing palette that works well together.

Where it gets really cool is after you've decided on a palette. You can create an account and save your favourite palettes, you can sync them to your phone with their iOS app, you can export your palettes in multiple formats like PNG, PSD, SVG, or even SCSS, and you can even purchase the Adobe addon to have them appear in your colour schemes section in Photoshop and Illustrator.

The core tool is entirely free, so get generating!


colorhunt website screenshot

Created by one of my favourite illustrators, Gal Shir, Colorhunt works slightly different to Coolors. Instead of a computer-generated colour scheme, Colorhunt showcases user-submitted colour palettes, sorted by New, Trending, and Popular.

As all the palettes are displayed in a grid, this is a fantastic tool for browsing many colour schemes before deciding on one, and sorting by Trending and Popular is great to see what the design and illustration community is liking at the time.

The website remembers your 'liked' palettes, but there's no app or account-based system. However, you can download each palette as an image so you really don't miss that functionality.

Once again, it's all free, so check it out now!


grabient website screenshot

Grabient isn't so much for flat colour palettes, but for gradients. I'm a total sucker for nice gradients, and this has been my go-to tool for finding new combinations to work with.

There isn't much in the way of generating gradients past what they have on the site, however they've added functionality to tweak and edit the amount of space each colour has, as well as being able to add new HEX codes in to create your own combinations, so it works well even with the limited selection.

You can copy the CSS directly from each gradient, as well as the individual HEX codes. A beautiful tool!

Get some gradients

And there we are! This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if I've missed anything you feel is absolutely amazing let us know in the comments below 😄

Who runs this show?

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You can also find me at my website, or on Twitter and Instagram

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